Aaron Lennon’s future is unclear but he is grateful for Everton’s Roberto Martinez

Aaron Lennon’s latest season has seen him performing with Everton as the English player played the second half of the past Premier League season with Everton after having signed a loan deal which expired at the end of the season.

Now that the deal has expired, the future of Aaron Lennon is uncertain as the player has earned praise and recognition during his time spent at Goodison Park but since his contract with Everton has reached it’s end, the player has to make a move back to Tottenham Hotspur.

If Everton’s Roberto Martinez has been impressed enough by the performances of Aaron Lennon, the manager of Everton might be motivated on launching an offer to Tottenham Hotspur and attempt to sign Aaron Lennon on a permanent contract.

However, even if Aaron Lennon has to make a move back to Tottenham Hotspur, the English player has praised Roberto Martinez as he was the man who sparked life back to his career and given him a sense of confidence that was lost some time ago.

The 28 year old English winger, Aaron Lennon said: “It’s been brilliant to work with Martinez. Obviously, it was a tough start to the season for me when I wasn’t playing, but, from the first moment the gaffer called me, I couldn’t wait to work with him and he’s done nothing but impress me since I’ve been here.The way he wants to play, the confidence he has shown in me and the confidence he’s given me has been unbelievable.”

Tottenham Hotspur is willing to allow Aaron Lennon leave but only if they receive an offer which is tempting enough. The summer transfer window is a chance for Roberto Martinez to lure him Aaron Lennon permanently into the team but they will face competition from Stoke City as they are also interested in signing Lennon.