Aaron Lennon was a saving grace for Everton in 2015

Everton’s Premier League season of 2015-16 was not a particular memorable one as they finished in the 11th spot which is fairly underwhelming for a club that had consistently managed to compete for a European position.

It was during this season that Roberto Martinez was sacked as the head coach of Everton and eventually replaced by Ronald Koeman.

There were few players of Everton that actually managed to stand out as the majority of the squad suffered with mediocre performances, one of these exceptions was Aaron Lennon as he made 18 Premier League appearances and scored 5 goals and the English winger was just a solid player almost every time he entered the pitch during the 2015-16 season which was crucial for Everton.

During the Premier League season of 2015-16, Lennon was mostly operating in the right wing while Tom Cleverley on the left side of the pitch and since Cleverley is not a true winger, much of the offensive duties was resting on the shoulders of Aaron Lennon and he did not fall apart as the English winger was a continuous source of danger to the opponents that he faced.

Back on February of the ongoing year, RomeluLukaku praised the work that Aaron Lennon has been doing as the 23 year old Belgian forward said: “I’ve seen Azza playing down the years at Spurs from a young age and I know he’s a quality player. He’s got experience, he’s talented as well and he works really hard. He’s one of the best professionals I’ve seen throughout my career because he looks after himself well. He’s in the gym every day, never complains always works hard and looking after himself he has delivered for the team and I’m really happy for him.”

Aaron Lennon is trying to prove his worth with Everton as he wants to land a consistent spot in the first team. During the 2015-16 season, even though Lennon did make a significant amount of 18 appearances, 7 of them arrived from the bench. He doesn’t want to spend more time on the bench in this new season and Lennon is attempting to make his voice be heard.