Aaron Lennon dont smile much in front of Camera Pose

Aaron Lennon is one of those players who find it hard to smile even while posing for photographs.

The 27-year old player has made his way to Merseyside club Everton for the remaining few months of the 2014-15 Season.

Doing a photo session while unveiling his Everton jersey, Lennon had quite a serious look on his face and the people at Social networking sites have been taking a dig at him for having such facial expression.

Those pictures of Lennon do look funny.
And Lennon himself also agrees to that. According to the winger, he’s been told by his mom to try and keep a smiling face while being photographed.

Interacting with the media people the other day, Lennon said, “I am terrible at posing and all and people seem to be getting stuck into me for those photographs. My mother has not spared me either. However, I don’t mind that. Good, healthy banter is alright. The fact is that I have joined Everton and that’s probably the best thing that could have happened to me.”

“There were a few other parties in line, but, my preference was always to come to Merseyside. I hope to have some opportunities over here. The first half of this season, I have not enjoyed much sitting on the bench.

There was no clarity from the manager. I was not told why I was out. Somebody who has played regularly in his career, dealing with such sort of situation was not easy.”
Lennon will have to play impressive Football if he wants to see Everton finishing in top 7 or 8 in the top flight.

The Toffees have had a horrible campaign thus far, a lot worse than what they had last season. They are sitting below teams like Crystal Palace and that would be making their fans feel really bad.